Potato Pancakes

Good folks are always looking for a easy and tasty side dishes. Especially for their bbq. I’m no different. These Potato Pancakes are easy, tasty and people always polish them off. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the outside. Using extra sharp, or just sharp adds a nice boost in flavor.

Check the seasoning before you actually cook the pancakes because potatoes sometimes needs plenty of salt, but other factors is the saltiness of your brand of cheese.

4 or 5 Russet Potatoes
1/2 c extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 beaten egg
1/2 T minced shallot
2 t olive oil
1 1/2 t minced fresh parsley
1 t salt
1/4 t minced garlic
1/8 t black pepper
1/8 t dried and minced rosemary

Mashed potato base
Washed, peel and rinse potatoes. Cut into cubes. Add to large pot and cover with water. Bring potatoes to a boil, reduce heat and cook until done, about 20 minutes. You’ll know they’re done because they will Pierce easy with a folk. Drain well and add to large bowl. Mash with folk or potato masher. Measure out amount needed for this recipe. Amounts vary because potato size varies.

Potato Pancakes
In a big bowl add everything but oil. Mix well. Form 8 patties of desired thickness. Get a non-stick pan over medium heat. Add a little bit of the oil and let that get hot. Add 2 patties at a time to the pan, this step makes flipping a breeze. Cook on one side 2-3 minutes, flip with spatula and cook on the other side until golden brown and crispy. Remove to a paper towel lined plate. Repeat with other six patties. Serve right away. Enjoy.