Show #28 Shrimp Po Boy

New Orleans Classic, the Po Boy. I have a special place in my heart for sandwiches, and this is one of my favorites. Here’s an easy version that the crew will all love. Click to tweet! Peace,CK   Shrimp Po Boy Ingredients ½ cup of mayo 2 ¼ Tablespoon lemon juice 1 ½ Tablespoon real

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Show #25 Mexican Cigars (Taquitos)

No, they are not authentic. However, they’re easy, tasty and always a hit. Personally I love dipping them in sour cream and guacamole! I can get carried away eating these things and of course they go great with some refreshing Mexican beer. Click to tweet! Peace,CK TaquitosIngredients 18 – 20 corn tortillas1 lb ground beef1

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Show #24 BBQ Fried Chicken

OK, technically I know it’s still winter, but in my defense it’sbeen a global warming infused winter here in Atlanta. Plus this isn’t really barbeque chicken to begin with. There’s no grilling, there’s no outside, there’s no friends coming over with a bunch of beer and sides. However what we have here is a tasty

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Show #22 Meyer Lemon Parfait

Easy, pleasing to the eye, tasty. Meet my Meyer Lemon Parfait. Meyer lemons suppose to taste like a combination of mandarin oranges and regular lemons in flavor. However, I’ve found they are more lemon than orange with just a kiss of mandarin flavor. It could just be me or something, but that’s what they seem

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Show #20 Spicy Jalapeno Chicken

This is not for the faint of heart, it’s hot. However it’s also tremendously tasty. If you like Jerk Chicken you might want to give this a try. I love spicy foods, but that can’t be all that is going for a dish. This chicken has a nice bright flavor that’s just behind the heat.

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Show #18 Breezy Waffles

I call them Breezy Waffles because “tada” they are a breeze to make. They freeze really well so you can pull them out and be a breakfast hero anytime. You don’t have to spend time whipping egg whites and all that so they mix up very quickly. Kids love them and if you whip up

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Show #17 Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

It’s a bit of prep, but once that’s done it’s tremendously easy. This dish serves 4-6 people. My partner loves Shrimp Alfredo and when I asked her to come up with something she wanted for dinner she said how about Shrimp Alfredo, or Lasagna, or Shrimp Alfredo Lasagna. I figured that could only taste good

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OK, I haven’t had the time I have wanted to dedicate to this blog the amount of time I wanted to. I’m working, running a business, and finishing up school. I’m working on a plan to try and do it all. I really enjoy this and want to post more so we shall see. However,

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Busy, busy…

Hey, I’m going to have new videos coming soon. It’s the beginning of the year and I have a lot on my plate. So keep an look for new videos, and take care. Chef Kendrapeace