Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

Makes one Sandwich

1 7 inch Cuban roll or French roll
4 oz slow cooked, or roasted pork
2 oz cooked ham, you can use deli ham
2 slices Swiss cheese
4 dill pickles
1 T mayonnaise
1 T mustard
2 pats of butter
1 pat of butter

Butter both sides of bread with a pat of butter. Spread half of the mayo and mustard on each side. Tear cheese slices in half.

On bottom bun layer 1/2 of the cheese, add ham add pork, on the top bun add pickles, other half of cheese. Close sandwich. Brush last pat of butter on top if desired.

Place sandwich in a Panini press or George Foreman style grill.

Press down to flatten the sandwich if using a Foreman style grill, then release and let it grill. Remove from grill, slice in half. Enjoy.