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Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Cheesesteak Sandwiches 4 small hamburger buns, buttered and lightly toasted 1/2 pound top round steak, sliced against the grain into thin pieces 1/4 green bell pepper, seeds removed, sliced 8 thinly slices pieces of provolone or american cheese 2 T vegetable oil 1/4 t salt 1/8 t black pepper Take toasted buns and add a

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Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is one of those crazy American cakes. With it’s vibrant color and slight tangy, chocolaty goodness it’s always a crowd favorite. This version takes some steps but the steps are uncomplicated and well worth the “wows”. As with many American stories it’s comes down to money. Red velvet cake is allegedly red

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