Arby’s Beef n Cheddar Classic

Arby’s is on of my spots. Back in the day their menu was simple and the food was pretty tasty. Since then they have expanded their menu big time but I still only order a few things when I’m able to go to one of their restaurants and the Arby’s Beef n Cheddar Classic is one of them.

It’s simple, filling and I think they’re delicious.

What’s really cool is how easy they are to clone at home. It only takes a few ingredients and a few minutes before the sandwiches are made. Grab a couple bags of chips and lunch in served.

Arby’s Beef n Cheddar Classic
Makes 2 sandwiches

6 oz thinly deli style roast beef
4 sl American cheese or cheddar
2 onion rolls
1/4 c ketchup
1 T milk
1 t water
2 t butter, softened
1/8 t salt
1/8 t onion powder
1/8 t paprika
1/8 t hot sauce

In a bowl add ketchup, onion powder, paprika, hot sauce, salt and water and stir it well. Butter both sides of rolls and add to a pan over medium heat. Toast them to your liking and remove.

Add roast beef to pan you just toasted your onion rolls in and heat up roast beef over medium heat.

In a small sauce pan add cheese, and milk over medium low heat and whisk until the cheese has melted and you have a creamy sauce.

Spread some of sauce on the top and bottom rolls, use as little or as much as you like I like about 1 t on the top and the bottom. Add half the roast beef to each sandwich, drizzle with equal amounts of cheese sauce and add the top bun. Enjoy. Peace. CK

Transcript of Arby’s Beef n Cheddar Classic Video

Hey Cookaholic, Chef Kendra here. Today we’re making a sandwich from Arby’s. We’re making a Beef n Cheddar Classic. It’s delicious, super easy. So, let’s do what we do. Let’s head into the kitchen and make it happen.

Let’s get right into. We’re making our Arby’s sauce. We’re adding onion powder to the ketchup in this bowl. Next we’re going to add some paprika. Some salt. A little bit of hot sauce. Now we’re going to whisk this up and set it aside until we need. Arby’s have several sauces this particular sauce is quite mild.

We’re going to melt some butter in a large pan and get our onion rolls inside and we’re just going to toast our rolls. Some peeps like their rolls lightly toasted, some people go for really dark toast. I’m in the middle.

Now we’re going to hook up a little cheese sauce likes a BOSS. We added the milk, now the cheese goes in. We have this pot on medium low and we’re just going to stir this until the cheese melts. It won’t take long and there’s nothing complicated to this at all.

We’ve slide our roast beef into a pot and we’re just going to warm it up over medium heat.

Let’s put this guy together. We’re going to add some sauce to the top and bottom of our toasted bun. Just like so.

Now we’re dropping down our warmed roast beef.

And the final thing is to drizzle our some of our super easy cheese sauce.

Slap on the top and it’s that’s all it to it.

Hey guys, you can check out one of my last videos right over there. All my social media business is in the about section below. So what are we going to do? Let’s taste this. I’m excited.

Wow, this is so good. So close to the original in flavor. Arby’s is one of my favorite spots. Alright that’s all I have for this week. I’ll see you next week. Chef Kendra is out. Peace.